Educational Technology Courses Taken:

Course Title Course Description Synopsis
EDTC 5310
Introduction to Educational Technology
This introductory course emphasized the implementation of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. Students wove pedagogy and technology together to create meaningful lessons which relied on Web 2.0 tools. Primary foci included wiki pages, social bookmarking, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds, photosharing, digital storytelling, and Moodle.
EDTC 5315
Advanced Educational Technology
In EDTC 5315 students researched the creative use of media editing in the classroom. Students practiced the use of digital audio and visual editing for learning. Students developed instruction to strengthen learning through the creation of audio and visual products. Artifacts examined included digital stories and edited images.
EDTC 5320
Integrating Educational Technology
The course provided significant focus on educational theorists and their relation to technology. Progressing through the scope of educational theorists, students created technology based assignments linked to specific theorists. In addition to a strong focus on educational theory, the course examined the relation of cognition (cognitive load, processing channels) and technology.
EDTC 5325
Managing Educational Technology
Students practiced the skills needed to maintain technology at a district and campus level. The fundamentals of network and system administration were covered. Students gained proficiency in hardware and software purchasing strategies, imaging, network software distribution, remote management, and creating local area networks.
EDTC 5330
Implementing Technology in Education
The course provided an intense focus on the underlying essentials of implementing technology education in K-16 education: grant writing and conference presentations. Students gained greater knowledge of grant writing, grantors, and grant writing best practices. Students researched and wrote grant proposals. Additionally, students prepared for and presented at an educational technology professional conference.
EDTC 5335
Instructional Design of Educational Technology
Educational technology has strong roots in instructional design. In this course, students learned the principles and practices of instructional design. They developed an understanding of common instructional design models. Students utilized the instructional design processes and methodology to develop instruction.
EDTC 5340
Issues in Educational Technology
The course examined the rationale and use of film making in the classroom. Students developed an understanding of the film making process and technology. Students examined the role of story boarding, group dynamics, meaningful rubrics, the editing process, and production techniques in the context of classroom video projects.
EDTC 5345
Educational Technology Internship
The educational technology internship is an opportunity for independent study in the field of educational technology. This student conducted research examining the role of Legitimate Peripheral Participation in the GNU/Linux community. The student then presented research results at conferences and as a wiki providing embedded instruction in the statistical programming language 'R'.